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Our cutting-edge "What's Trending" course is specifically tailored to equip stylists with the ins and outs of trending hairstyles. This comprehensive course is an excellent resource for any stylist aiming to diversify their portfolio and add innovative techniques to their toolbox. Not only can these tools help you achieve your business aspirations, but you can also earn your 4 Continuing Education (CE) hours, including the mandatory sanitation and human trafficking hours, for your Texas Cosmetology License.

The course modules include:

  1. Keys to a great Consultation: This module empowers you to understand your client's expectations better and provide a result that aligns with their vision.
  2. Fashion Color: Learn the art of achieving the optimal fashion color for your clients, while also boosting your profits.
  3. Modern Pageboy: Discover how to craft a modern Pageboy and understand the nuances that render this cut contemporary.
  4. Modern Bob: Gain expertise in creating a stylish Modern Bob.
  5. Fishtail Updo: Master the technique of designing an elegant fishtail braid and transforming it into a chic updo style.
  6. Modern Updo: An exceptionally useful module if you're hesitant about updos, it guides you in creating easy and modern updos.
  7. Modern French Twist: Learn how to put a modern spin on the classic French Twist.
  8. Sanitation - Part 1: Understand the various levels of sanitation, identify different microbes in the treatment room, and learn protective measures for yourself and your clients.
  9. Sanitation - Part 2: Learn the importance of maintaining a clean treatment environment for each client and how to adhere to these guidelines.
  10. Human Trafficking: Learn to recognize signs of human trafficking, understand its various forms, and discover what you can do to help combat it.
  11. Green Business Practices: Acquire knowledge on how to make your salon or spa more environmentally friendly.

Kickstart your journey towards becoming a trendsetter in the hairstyling industry today!