The Modern Side

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The 90s are making a comeback!

Join "The Modern Side" and discover how to revamp old hairstyles for a fresh and modern look. This course is designed to educate stylists on the latest trends in hair styles and colors. It's perfect for any stylist looking to expand their repertoire with new techniques. With the right tools, you can achieve all your business goals. Earn 4 CE hours, including the required sanitation and human trafficking modules, to maintain your Texas Cosmetology License. Don't wait, get started today! Course Modules:

  1. Fashion Color: Learn how to create the best fashion color for your clients and increase your profits.
  2. Modern Color Placement: Discover different hair placements for fashion color that add the WOW factor to any look.
  3. Modern Farrah: Recreate a modern version of the iconic 1970s Farrah look.
  4. Modern Shag: Master the art of cutting a modern shag hairstyle.
  5. Modern Pageboy: Create a contemporary twist on the classic pageboy haircut.
  6. Green Business Practices: Learn how to make your salon or spa more environmentally friendly.
  7. Modern Mullet: Discover how to recreate a modern mullet and style it with flair.
  8. Sanitation - Part 1: Understand the importance of sanitation levels and how to protect yourself and your clients.
  9. Sanitation - Part 2: Learn how to maintain a thoroughly clean treatment room for each client.
  10. Human Trafficking: Gain knowledge about human trafficking, how to recognize it, and what actions you can take to combat it.