Skin Care Essentials

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Attention all skin care enthusiasts! Are you looking to provide your clients with healthy, glowing skin? Our Skin Care Essentials course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to achieve the ultimate results using the best treatment options available. Plus, you can earn 4 CE hours towards your Texas Cosmetology & Esthetician License renewal. Don't wait, start your journey today!

Course Includes:

  1. Introduction to the Skin: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the skin and its vital functions.
  2. Skin Layers: Explore the different layers of the skin, their contents, and respective functions.
  3. Skin Analysis: Master the art of skin analysis and learn about the tools to create effective treatment plans.
  4. Skin Conditions: Identify and treat common skin conditions with useful ingredients.
  5. Ingredients: Delve into the key ingredients found in most skin care lines and learn which ones are best suited for different skin types and conditions.
  6. Treatments: Discover a variety of treatments used to address specific skin conditions.
  7. Lasers & Injectables: Familiarize yourself with different lasers and injectables to better serve clients who have undergone these treatments.
  8. Sanitation - Part 1: Understand the importance of maintaining sanitation levels and learn how to protect yourself and your clients from various microbes.
  9. Sanitation - Part 2: Implement thorough cleaning practices for your treatment room, following guidelines that prioritize client well-being.
  10. Human Trafficking: Educate yourself on the definitions, identification, and prevention of human trafficking. Join us today and enhance your knowledge in the pursuit of healthy, glowing skin!